Love for our land

In creating this website, we took inspiration from one of Italy’s greatest poets, Giacomo Leopardi. During his various travels, he used to complain to his father about the lack of diffusion and awareness of Marche’s incredible culinary heritage.

The Valdaso Valley
The garden of Marche region

"The Valdaso, nestled among rolling hills and kissed by the breeze of the Adriatic Sea, reveals itself as a hidden gem, where the beauty of nature blends harmoniously with the rich history and warm hospitality, giving an unforgettable experience to its visitors."

Our History

"Typicality on the table" comes from the love of this land, the Marche, rich in unique and unmistakable flavors. All our products come from artistic realities that hand down meticulous recipes from generation to generation.


Valdaso Valley

" Hinge between the province of Ascoli Piceno and Fermo, the Aso Valley is considered by the Marche Region a priviliged corridor from the enviromental landscape point of view that preserves the distinctive features of an agrarian landscape witness of an ancient knowledge"

la Valdaso box

Our Valdaso box

Genuine, colorful and very tasty, Valdaso boxes contain only completely organic vegetables

Only Natural

Traditional long egg pasta

Let the unmistakable taste of the Marcozzi long egg pasta envelop your palate. Made today as it was made in the past. So thin that it melts in the mouth, so porous that it masterfully binds with every sauce


Our Truffle box

Inside our boxes, you will find a careful selection of delicacies, from truffle sauce to flavored oils, creating a sensory journey through the richness and intensity of this extraordinary underground mushroom.

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